Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our second yard sale is over...

Following a very long week of the flu, trying to start school and other activities, and organizing a garage full of stuff, we had our yard sale.  Phew!  We were overwhelmingly blessed by the donations we received so THANK YOU to everyone who gave!!  
Our grand total for this sale was $590 (and some change)!!!

With some money Stuart and I were able to put in, plus some books sales, our grand total has reached 

But even more important than the money has been the emotional support thus far.  We had several friends stop by to shop or say "hi."  We even had a neighbor shop, then come back with stuff for us to sell.  At one point, we started a conversation with a young lady who, along with her husband, hopes to adopt one day.  As she was leaving, she ran up and gave us all the cash she had on hand.  It could have been 50 cents and we would have been thrilled.  There is something very magical and encouraging about knowing people believe in your cause.  I cannot wait to be on the other side of this and see all the little ways God chose to meet us where we were at.  So thank you friends, neighbors, and strangers.  You're unbelievable appreciated.

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