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We are Stuart and Jessie - a couple imperfectly pursuing God's will for our family, which so far has included having and loving 3 children, getting debt free, and now pursuing an international adoption.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stage #3!

Stage #1 is the picking the agency and applying.  Check.
Stage #2 is the home study....paper chasing, home visits, interviews, etc.  Check.

We received our finalized home study in the mail last week and officially moved onto...

Stage #3 yesterday: send in application to USCIS!  Moving onto this step alone drained our adoption account by thousands of dollars.  I cannot tell you HOW THANKFUL we are for all the donations of prayer, money, yard sale items, etc from our friends and family that enabled us to pull this off.

We'll be waiting 2-3 months for approval from USCIS and then we will be officially approved to be matched with a child.

In the meantime, we're still selling our "Pearl of Africa" bracelets!  So far we've sold over 50 bracelets so a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you sporting these beauties for our cause.  We now have new colors available...TEAL and AUTUMN RED (pictures coming soon!).  Feel free to visit my etsy store to purchase, or arrange with me via email or facebook.

I'm also selling these cuties!  Hand-made by me (please don't analyze the stitching), these little guys come with 5 twistable crayons and will perfectly fit coloring books or construction paper (not included).  My kids are currently using them for their art supplies.  =)  Below are the monsters I have one hand, but I can make a limited number more, with your choice of bag color and monster color.

Pink Monster...$10  -  Qt. 1

Freckled Monster...$10 - Qt. 1

Blue Monster...$10  -  Qt. 1
Leave a comment or email me at beecurrency@gmail.com to let me know if you're interested in a bag!  Thanks!