Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mini Check-In....

The frustrating thing about adoption is the timeline.  Things can be so slow-moving.  However, I do want to let you know that I ultimately decided to update my passport.  I know there are plenty of people who get along fine with their maiden-name passport and a marriage certificate, but I do not want this to be the reason we can't adopt, you know?  It's such an easy thing to fix, I might as well.  I struggled with this because it's money I don't want to spend if it isn't necessary, but again, the risk ultimately isn't worth it.  Anyhow, the day after I had settled on that decision, some good friends from church gave us an unexpected monetary gift towards our adoption.  WOW!  I was really humbled and unbelievably blessed.  Then that evening we got another monetary gift from some family members.  More blessings!  That, combined with some more online sales, has boosted our adoption total (as you might see on the side).  So thank you to all who have supported us, either with money or via prayer.  It is so appreciated.

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