Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Not America?

Stuart and I have always talked about the possibility of adoption.  But it wasn't until last year that we actively started telling people, and it wasn't until last month that we started fundraising for it.

To that end, I'm convinced that all major events have one thing in common: The Question.

I don't know exactly how to define this, so if you aren't nodding your head with enlightenment already, perhaps I can share some examples:

To the bride: Are you nervous?
To the expectant mother:  When are you due?
To the twins (in case you haven't received the memo, being a twin IS a major event):
Are you twins?
To the winner of the Super Bowl:  What are you going to do next?

To the couple pursuing in international adoption:  Why not America?

To be fair, most people are very encouraging and want some honest insight.

Unfortunately there have been others who have been angry or dumbfounded that we'd go to so much work to adopt another country's child, as though America's children are somehow better and more deserving.  In my Cultural Humanities class in college I learned a very important word:  ethnocentrism.  This is the mindset that one's country is superior to all others.  And while I absolutely love my country and the ideals on which it was founded, I absolutely refuse to believe there is a caste system out there for children.  I think it's unnecessary for someone to judge another persons good motives simply because, in their opinion, they aren't good enough.  In the words of a brilliant elephant, "a person's a person no matter how small."  Or where they come from.

This is not to say that I don't believe the children in the American foster children aren't in need of a home.  They absolutely are.   My in-laws and MANY of my friends have fostered and/or adopted within the American foster care system.  They are hero's in my eyes and it is my prayer that many more of these children will continue to be fostered and adopted.  But my husband and I have talked about this, we've prayed about this, and we feel led to adopt a child internationally.    And to be more specific, adopt from Russia.

Why Russia?  Well, that'll have to be anther post for another day.  =)

Author's Note:
I apologize for my vent.  To be completely fair, my husband and I have received more encouragement then we ever expected.  Most the naysayers are simply strangers with a strong opinion.  Hopefully this post will eventually answer all questions and explain our hearts completely, but if you do have questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

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