Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you!

Thank you!
Well, our blog has been up for a week now and I just have to give a huge THANK YOU to all the people who have shown their support for our decision.  We have known for well over a year that our family would eventually embark on this journey to adopt internationally, and in that time we've gotten some positive feedback as well as some very negative feedback.  But in this past week, the positive feedback has been overwhelming, and the negative feedback has been non-existent.  Hmmm...perhaps I should extend a thank you to those who don't support our decision and haven't said anything?

Thank you!
Also, our family had a garage sale a week ago and raised a surprising amount of money.  I've told a few people that I honestly believe God was doubling each dollar that we took in because our grand total from the sale was


And THAT was just from the sale!  A dear friend also gave me a ton of collectible glass that I've been selling on ebay.  I have sold just over half of the items and have brought in over $300!!  (I won't know the exact amount until I've paid shipping on all the items.  But a rough estimate right now is $331).  

So far, our grand total is over $1000!!! 

With that said, I owe a HUGE amount of gratitude to all those who donated so freely to our yard sale, and to those who stopped by and shopped.  We are so blessed.

Thank you!
We've also had a couple donors which was a total surprise and a HUGE blessing!!  Thank you!

We are now HALFWAY to our goal for the home study!!  I'm so excited!  And, yes, everything deserves an exclamation mark!  Especially this --->  THANK YOU!!

Love, stuart and jessie

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