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We are Stuart and Jessie - a couple imperfectly pursuing God's will for our family, which so far has included having and loving 3 children, getting debt free, and now pursuing an international adoption.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Guess What??

July 2011.  That is when we first began the process of adopting.  To write a single blog post on all that we have learned about this process would be impossible.  I could probably sum it up in a few words:  messy, long, expensive, stressful.  Oh and this:  worth it.

Before I write too much, I feel I need to apologize to the many people who have supported us in one way or another.  The beginning of this process was exciting, and my updates were more consistent.  I have no problem with people asking about our progress, but so much of the process is paperwork and waiting that it gets difficult to write blog posts and make them sound new and exciting.  And our process was only further extended by our education of the ethical issues that bombard international adoption...so much so, that in October of 2013 we left our agency and went independent.  There is a lot of back story to why we chose this route, which I won't go into here and now.  Feel free to ask, though!  =)

But despite the crickets hanging out on this blog, things were happening.  Paperwork was done, emails were sent, prayers were prayed.  All of which brings us to now, February 2014.  Two years and 7 months later, and we can finally tell you this:

We're expecting a GIRL!

There have definitely been a lot of "unexpected's" in this process.  We'd thought we'd be matched with a boy.  We weren't.  We thought the child would be older.  She isn't.  But are we excited?  Heck yes!  I'm sure most of you know that we are obligated to keep details private for her safety. This is the case in nearly any adoption, domestic or international.  But just know this:  her back story is hard, and her face is adorable.  =)


  1. Wow!! So exciting. Congratulations, Jessie and Hughes family! That girl is one blessed child.

  2. Where the heck is the "like" button?

  3. Congratulations to your family! I am so happy for you!