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We are Stuart and Jessie - a couple imperfectly pursuing God's will for our family, which so far has included having and loving 3 children, getting debt free, and now pursuing an international adoption.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Wow.....it's been one month since I last posted any update.  ONE MONTH.  Sorry guys.

In case you're wondering, yes, my husband and I are still adopting.  =)  However I am contemplating deleting this blog and simply writing updates on my main blog (beecurrency.blogspot.com) since adoption is all about hurrying up and waiting, and somehow that gets boring in the blogging world.  Although I have to say I've been reading a few adoption blogs and getting quite anxious about reaching the finish line!  My friend Alexis is mere weeks away from meeting her little boy and my stomach is in knots due to excitement for her.  If you have a sec, you should check out her blog here.  Oh, but don't be jealous of her beautiful caseworker....I'm pretty sure she's been photoshopped.  And don't write anything rude, as I'm in the habit of doing, since I didn't even ask her permission to link to her blog.

Is that a blogging no-no?

Anyhow, for the tiny weeny updates on what's happened so far:

1. We're just about done with our 10+ hours of education.  We added an extra class that applies to us, so it's more than the required 10 hours (more like 12).
2. We've switched agencies for the remainder of our adoption (still finishing our home study with our first agency), which involves nearly twice the paperwork, of which we've done a decent amount.
4.  The new agency also requires (and we've completed) much more detailed physicals.  So detailed, in fact, that I've been referred to an audiologist because apparently I have hearing problems.  I'm 100% convinced it was a combination of their lousy machine (hey, Stuart was simply whispered at) and my recent traveling.  However, the visit also confirmed I have better than 16/20 vision.  When the adoption's over, I'm becoming a pilot.
5. Oh yeah, and we've switched countries.

WHAT?!?!?  Switched countries?!?

Yes, switched countries.  Through lots of prayer and discussion and then some more prayer and research, we made a decision in late January to switch countries.  We still have the desire to one day adopt from Russia =) , but it won't be happening this time around.

For now our eyes are set on Africa.   [cue Toto]   More specifically, Uganda, in eastern Africa.  I'll hopefully write more about the changes involved in this, but that'll be another time.

Perhaps in a month or so.  ;)


  1. Still praying for you! Your fundraising efforts actually inspired me to start an adoption awareness line of shirts to help families raising funds for adoption and one of these months the proceeds will go to you.

    BTW - what is #3? or did I just miss it?

  2. What a neat idea, S'te!! And thank you!

    Number 3 is apparently a mystery, even to me. =)