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Friday, November 4, 2011

Too tired to post...

...but I'm doing it anyway.

Oh, why, you ask?

Umm....it could be that my kids are keeping me awake.  But that's not true because they're all asleep.  No, I'm wading through my exhaustive oblivion to let you know how amazing the Benefit Dinner went.  Stuart and I have not stopped mumbling to ourselves (remember....we're exhausted) about how encouraged we were by the friends and family who made a point to stop by and encourage our efforts.  But along with verbal and emotional encouragement, we were also extremely blessed with financial support.

$1097 of financial support.

Can you say "!!!!!!!"?

Who wants to join me as I jump on my bed in excitement?  We'll just have to postpone it until I rest up.  ;)

Also, we received another $300 in donations from friends and family who couldn't make it to the dinner, for a grand total of $1397!

At times like these I wish there were bigger, better words for saying THANK YOU because, well, I'd use them right now.  


  1. Thanks for posting!! I woke up and ran to the computer to see how it went; and what a blessing to see how your friends and supporters poured out to help you! Big happy day!!!

  2. I know, right?? I am THRILLED and feel so encouraged!